2015 State Policy Learning Table

State Policy and Supports to Promote Effective Teaching and Learning

The BUILD Initiative and the Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO) support state policymakers to implement high-quality early learning and development policies, programs, and practices in order to improve outcomes for young children. Together we have embarked on an initiative to examine the ways that prominent policy levers, such as program quality standards, QRIS and teacher evaluation systems, promote effective early childhood teaching and learning. We know that these policies must be implemented at a sufficient scale and depth at the local level to promote effective teaching from birth through age 8.

We aim in this Learning Table to address the following questions:

What are the consistent supports and sensible accountability systems needed to drive teaching quality that will result in improved outcomes for children in your state?

What are the “powerful and few” core state policies needed to improve teaching quality and result in significant outcomes for children in your state?

  • Moderators
  • Resource List
  • Session 1: In-Person Meeting "Providing a Framework - State Policy to Enhance High Quality, Culturally Competent Teaching"
  • Session 2: Webinar "Advancing States' Professional Development Policies to Focus on Effective Teaching"
  • Session 3: Webinar "Streamlining States' Teacher Accountability Approaches"
  • Session 4: Webinar "Integrating Teaching Conditions into States’ Professional Development and Accountability Structures"
  • Session 5: Webinar “State Presentations”
  • BUILD and CEELO have made a commitment to promote deep discussion with state leaders across the country on these critical issues. We recognize other factors significantly impact effective instruction– family and community engagement, system financing, and teacher recruitment, preparation, and compensation. However, in order to advance more effective policymaking with this work, we will focus deeply on specific opportunities aligned to four problems of practice more clearly described in State Policy to Promote Effective Teaching that Improves Children's Learning (brief, paper, and resource list). These include:

    1. Ensuring Racially, Culturally, and Linguistically Competent Teaching  
    2. Focusing Professional Development Policies on Effective Teaching Practices
    3. Achieving Coherence in State Teacher Accountability Policy
    4. Integrating Teaching Conditions into States’ Professional Development and Accountability Structures

    A Discussion Guide was also created which focuses attention on the important role of teaching conditions in fostering quality early childhood teaching. Supportive teaching conditions are critical to promote a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, and sustained professional learning in which teachers and children thrive. To support state systems-builders and policymakers, the "Enhancing Teaching Conditions to Support Quality Teaching: Discussion Guide and Crosswalk" reviews available tools that assess teaching conditions and poses policy and systems questions to assist leaders to craft the most effective policy-to-practice supports in this area. 

    "Lessons from the Learning Table on Great Teaching and Learning" took place on August 25, 2015. View the slide deck and watch the webinar recording