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Our Funders

Informed, engaged funders support BUILD. About 70% of BUILD’s funding is from private philanthropy. Some are state-focused foundations who fund their state’s partnership with BUILD, while others fund projects or topical areas of focus. Additionally, some states use public sector dollars to fund their partnership with BUILD. BUILD also earns revenue in the form of federal subcontracts related to the national technical assistance centers, including the National Early Childhood Quality Assurance Center and the National Center for Parent, Family, and Community Engagement.

The Early Childhood Funders’ Collaborative

The Early Childhood Funders’ Collaborative (ECFC) created the BUILD Initiative in 2002. A consortium of private foundations, ECFC provides networking, information sharing, and strategic grantmaking opportunities to its members. BUILD’s first five funders were all drawn from that group. Until 2010, almost all of BUILD’s revenue was from private philanthropy.

Private Philanthropy Funders

Public Sector Supporters