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Michelle Stover Wright

Research and Evaluation Director


lead BUILD’s research, evaluation and documentation efforts conceptualizing, implementing and sharing results to inform BUILD’s early childhood systems development work and the broader systems development field. I utilize qualitative and quantitative data for outcome identification, quality improvement and systems impact. I support the use of data to answer fundamental questions around who is and is who is not benefitting from our early child programs and systems? And what must we, as early childhood leaders, do to erase those differences?

I am also on the faculty of BUILD’s Equity Leader’s Action Network working with leaders from across the country acting on specific racial inequities in state early childhood systems—in early learning, health, mental health, nutrition, and family support—and especially at the intersection of these systems.

Work History

  • Over 16 years at the Child and Family Policy Center (Now Common Good Iowa), leading research and advocacy efforts as well we serving as Interim Executive Director.
  • Co-chair for efforts in Iowa focusing on racial equity across Iowa’s early childhood system via Early Childhood Iowa.


  • B.A. in sociology with a concentration in women’s studies from Drake University
  • M.S. in sociology from Iowa State University