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HBCC: The Importance of Home-Based Educator Wellness in Equitable Early Childhood Systems

March 21 2023
3:00 PM EDT

Each BUILD home-based child care (HBCC) webinar is based on our core beliefs about HBCC as well as the facts that (1) HBCC meets a critical need for families, (2) there is a need to build a lasting HBCC infrastructure through systemic supports, and (3) networks can be used to create this lasting infrastructure.

In this session we will talk about the importance of home-based child care educator wellness in creating equitable early childhood systems. Shayla Collins (UW Center for Child & Family Well-Being) will model some wellness strategies for us that HBCC educators can use as well. Then, Dr. Juliet Bromer (Erikson/HomeGrown) will discuss benchmarks for educator wellness. DeCarla Burton (Supporting Professional Network Association/SPNA) will then illustrate what caring for educator wellness looks like in SPNA and the difference it makes for educators.

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