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Trust for Learning Webinar: In Head Start, Our Ideals are Possible

December 14 2023
1:00 PM EDT

Trust for Learning hosts the Ideal Learning Head Start Network, a dynamic group of more than 40 Head Start/Early Head Start providers from around the US who are leading (or building) ideal learning environments in their programs. While many believe that Head Start requires a particular curriculum, providers actually have a lot of flexibility to implement a child-centered, equity-based approach aligned with the principles of ideal learning environments. In the context of newly-proposed rules to improve quality, and with the possibility of reauthorization somewhere on the horizon, this conversation is especially timely.

The webinar will feature heads of Head Start programs who are members of the network, as well as experts from Montessori, Waldorf, and Tools of the Mind.

Speakers include:

Amanda Orlando, Head Start Education Director at Tri-County Head Start;
Elena Bodrova, Ph.D, Co-Founder of Tools of the Mind;
Janice LaFloe, Executive Director at American Indian Child Care Center;
Leonor Lundholm, Director of Education at Child-Parent Centers Inc.;
Lynn Turner, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access Coordinator at Waldorf Early Childhood Association of Northern America;
Annie Frazer, Founder & Executive Director of Montessori Partnerships for Georgia (facilitator);
Toscha Blalock, Co-Director and Chief Learning & Evaluation Officer at Trust for Learning.

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