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Creating High Quality, Equitable Experiences for Young Children

Archived Meeting Resources
August 25, 2022

This session was presented during the BUILD 2021 National Conference.

Central to child development is individualized and responsive instruction. But if structures and measures have not been tailored to our diverse learners, how effective can state policy and programs be for children who are racially and ethnically marginalized and linguistically diverse, and have diverse learning profiles. Learn about the Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP), Assessing Classroom Sociocultural Equity Scale (ACSES), Classroom Assessment of Supports for Emergent Bilingual Acquisition (CASEBA), and Self-Evaluation of Supports for Emergent Bilingual Acquisition (SESEBA) and how integrating these research-based measures into programs can more effectively create conditions for equitable access to meaningful learning experiences and increase diversity and belonging in programs.

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