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Fiscal Strategies to Promote Equitable Access to High-Quality Early Care and Education

Archived Meeting Resources
August 24, 2022

This session was presented during the BUILD 2021 National Conference.

The current financing of the early care and education system does not work well for any one, and it is families and children of color and the ECE workforce that bear the brunt of this broken system. In this session, you will learn about strategies to address the broken financing system, including changing the way child care subsidy rates and quality incentives are set in order to better account for the true cost, with variations based on quality, strategies to prioritize underserved populations, including children and families of color, and ways to think beyond the subsidy system to impact the entire prenatal-to-five system. We will also discuss strategies for engaging stakeholders to align on a shared vision and set of principles for the prenatal-to-five system in order to drive the fiscal and governance change that is needed to create a sustainable, equitable, and comprehensive early care and education system.

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