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Improving Access to Services by Listening to Families in Minnesota

November 1, 2022

Jovon Perry is Director of Economic Assistance and Employment Supports Division in the Child and Family Services Administration for the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Host Dr. Sherri Killins Stewart talks with Jovon about how she’s received and responded to concrete feedback from families about how they can better access state services. Plus, the importance of being generous with other leaders who are willing to build towards equity in early childhood systems.

Jovon es directora de la división de asistencia económica y apoyo al empleo en la administración de servicios para niños y familias del Departamento de Servicios Humanos de Minnesota. Este es un resumen de su entrevista con la Doctora Sherri Killins Stewart de nuestro episodio en inglés. Jovon comparte cómo ha implementado cambios que responden directamente a lo que escucha de las familias que sirve.

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