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Rebuilding Early Childhood Systems for Black and Latinx Children with Racial Equity and Quality at the Forefront

Archived Meeting Resources
August 25, 2022

This session was presented during the BUILD 2021 National Conference.

The global pandemic, the economic recession it brought, and the racial injustices it exacerbated will have lasting impacts on Black and Latinx children and families and the early childhood workforce, which is predominantly comprised of women of color. These factors make it imperative that early childhood systems rebuild with racially and linguistically equitable policies and practices that address historic inequities. This session will feature a discussion among leading national experts regarding the equitable policies that must be adopted to redress structural inequities and allow children and communities of color the opportunity to heal and thrive. Discussion will center on steps needed to rebuild the early childhood workforce to enable it to provide high-quality care to Black and Latinx children and families. Panelists will also discuss the importance of promoting economic, housing, and environmental equity.

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