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Upholding Tribal Sovereignty through Quality Recognition Systems

Archived Webinar
August 24, 2022

This session was presented during BUILD 2021 National Conference.

QRIS has been an integral part of the early care and learning system in Washington state for over a decade, and we are proud of the steps that providers have taken to improve quality. However, we recognized that the system lacked the flexibility and cultural responsiveness to support the vast array of programming across our state. One clear example of that was our tribal partners. Over the last few years, we built upon our strong government-to-government relationship to explore a tribal pathway for QRIS that recognizes the important and unique work that our tribal partners do in upholding their sovereignty in educating their children. As part of that process, we were honored to partner with the Aboriginal Head Start Association of British Columbia (AHSABC). AHSABC staff have led groundbreaking work in reimagining tribal evaluation using “The LOVIT Way” Program Evaluation Process. Tribal provider engagement in program evaluation is now energized and inspired to make its programs “the best they can be.” Partnering with AHSABC has led to changes not only in our tribal partnerships, but in the entire system of quality rating in Washington state. This conversation between AHSABC staff, Washington state tribal early learning partners, and staff from Washington State’s Department of Children, Youth, and Families will share the story of that journey. Presenters: Charlotte Campbell, Washington Department of Children, Youth, and Families; Sheryl Fryberg, Betty J. Taylor Early Learning Academy; Joan Gignac, Aboriginal Head Start Association of British Columbia; Kathryn Yates, Chief Leschi Schools.

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