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Our Work

The BUILD Initiative partners with state and community leaders across the country to promote equitable, high-quality child- and family-serving systems that result in young children thriving and learning. Explore the map to see our major projects in each state.

Learn more About BUILD here. Explore the map below to see our major projects in each state.


Major Projects

Partner States

BUILD works with early childhood leaders and their teams in partner states to create and improve early childhood systems to help children and families thrive.

Prenatal-to-Three Capacity-Building Hub

The Prenatal-to-Three Capacity-Building Hub at BUILD works with prenatal-to-three (PN-3) state and community coalitions to support pregnant women, infants, and toddlers.


Harnessing Opportunities for Positive Early Childhood (HOPE) is an effort to increase equitable access to services and supports for children and families in low-opportunity communities.

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  • PN-3
  • HOPE
  • Partner States

Working With Us

BUILD partners with public- and private-sector systems leaders to establish state policy, provide services, and build their advocacy efforts for children from birth to age five.

We help leaders break down the barriers to coordinated and collaborative action by:

  • Reforming existing statewide systems.
  • Improving connections and feedback loops between local collaboratives and state systems.
  • Providing support inside (government)/outside (advocacy) as well as inside/across state agencies and departments.
  • Maximizing federal grant opportunities.
  • Helping solve problems.
  • Testing new approaches and strategies.
  • Strengthening commitment to and action on behalf of racial equity, cultural understanding, and linguistic inclusion.

Our expert staff and consultants in early child systems building offer a wide range of services and support to states, including:

  • Providing tailored and timely technical assistance to leaders in partner states.
  • Building capacity within states.
  • Facilitating cross-state learning communities that share new strategies, the latest research, promising practices, and exploration of implementation challenges.
  • Fostering a collaborative environment within and across states, peer sharing, and access to expert resources to improve efficiency, spark innovation, and nurture leadership.
  • Serving as a knowledge broker by highlighting early childhood systems strategies and spreading ideas and successful innovations.
  • Supporting new and emerging leaders.
  • Working to ensure diversity and equity in all aspects of early childhood systems building.
  • Informing and influencing state and national conversations and policy decisions by highlighting emerging issues, innovative approaches, best practices, results, and lessons learned from the field.
  • Promoting early childhood systems work that identifies and addresses the root causes of inequities and supports state remedies to address them.
  • Providing state-specific and cross-state documentation and evaluation of successes, challenges and opportunities to feed into a cycle of improvement within states.

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