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Resource Collection: Project HOPE Protocols to Support a Leadership Learning Journey

A set of protocols, developed for a Project HOPE Leadership Institute, are broadly applicable as systems building tools and can be easily adapted for other projects.

BUILD is participating in a multi-state effort called Project HOPE – Harnessing Opportunities for Positive Early Childhood. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the project supports state leaders to increase healthy development and wellbeing by shifting programs and initiatives to increase access to opportunities for young children and families in vulnerable communities with significant disparities.

These protocols were created as resources for a 2019 HOPE Leadership Institute to support state teams in developing their own tools to support their leadership development by:

  • Creating shared knowledge among the leaders participating across early childhood systems regarding the inequities young children, their families, and communities face.
  • Understanding and appreciating the contributions, perspectives, directives, and responsibilities of multiple partners in the early childhood system.
  • Building and increasing capacity for shared action within the early childhood systems to advance positive outcomes for children and families in each state.