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Mentoring, Coaching, and Professional Development for PDG B-5 Workforce

Policy and Research Review

Examples from States and Communities

  • California Early Childhood Educator Competencies
    • These Performance Areas of Adult Learning and Coaching focus on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to facilitate the professional learning and growth of early childhood educators. Because of the focus on adults, these two Performance Areas pertain to the skills and knowledge that are necessary to guide adult learners, rather than young children. These can provide state leaders an example of the specific competency areas needed to provide high quality coaching and serve as an example of how California has defined these competencies.
  • Colorado Coaching Competencies
    • This link can take state leaders to both the The Colorado Coaching Competencies that outlines a common set of principles, or standards, for coaching and The Colorado Coaching Competencies: A Self-Reflective Tool that serves as a reflective tool for those coaching to assess their own competencies in the following areas: Setting the Foundation, Co-Creating the Relationship, Communicating Effectively, and Cultivating Learning and Results.
  • New York Expands Infant Toddler Specialist Workforce
    • State example of coaching for infant toddler workforce