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A healthy baby starts with a healthy pregnant person. Yet health care systems in the US are failing birthing people and postpartum parents, often due to systemic racial inequities in existence long before a person becomes pregnant. Mortality is more than twice as high for Black infants (10.8 per 1,000 births) as it is for White infants (4.6). And Black women are more likely to die from pregnancy complications than any other demographic group.
Moreover, the well-being of birthing people and babies is often considered separately though they are intrinsically interdependent. Poor outcomes for the birthing person result in poor outcomes in the short and long term for their baby.


This collection of resources highlights the need of all birthing people to have access to care during and after pregnancy, and for families to have access to the regular well-child visits, screenings, and mental health care that give their babies the best start in life.