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Measuring Up to Our Ideals – A New Vision for Equitable Quality Measurement

April 8, 2022

This recording is from the webinar Measuring Up to Our Ideals - A New Vision for Equitable Quality Measurement.

When it comes to quality, are we measuring what matters most in early childhood settings? Are we measuring equitably? A new resource from national experts on quality measurement, “Measuring the Quality of Early Learning Environments,” lays out a vision for early childhood measurement rooted in equity and the principles of ideal learning environments. This webinar introduces participants to fresh perspectives and new ideas for policymakers and program leaders to consider when evaluating programs that serve young children and families. The webinar explores how policy decisions about what is measured (in classrooms, programs, and systems), how it is measured, and how the information is used can have significant implications when it comes to addressing or exacerbating inequities within programs and systems. It also shows how the Principles of Ideal Learning framework can help guide a more holistic picture of program quality. Featured in the discussion are a co-author of the report and three experts who contributed to the guide. Panelists share their reflections on its content and its implications for educators, program leaders, and policymakers.


Click here to access the slide deck for this webinar.

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