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Community Systems Development Toolkit: Table of Contents

The Community Systems Development Toolkit supports the hands-on implementation of collaborative systems work at the local level, providing resource tools that cover the full spectrum of community systems and coordination work.

Tailored to the needs of community-based collaboration and organized around the Six Functions of an Early Childhood System, the toolkit is designed to provide accessible, comprehensive resources supporting the changing stages and needs of communities engaged in collaborative work. Tools include forms, examples of community level strategies, questions, guidance, samples, and processes. The Six Core Functions of the EC Systems Assessment is designed to help identify where tools and supports may be most needed.

1. Engaging and Recruiting Stakeholders

  1. Identifying and Mapping Common Early Childhood Stakeholders
  2. Engagement and Reengagement Process Guide
  3. Vision and Mission Statement Development Worksheet
  4. Organizational and Individual Contribution Map Template
  5. Self Assessment: Developing Coalition Members
  6. Developing Leadership Goals
  7. Assessing Leadership within the Leadership Council

2. Coordinating Shared Leadership

  1. Types of Partnerships: Continuum of Coordination
  2. Community Engagement Continuum
  3. Considering Logistics and Setting Ground Rules
  4. Establishing Decision Making Processes
  5. Building A Memorandum
  6. Tips for Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Process for Planning and Implementation
  7. The Tension of Turf: Making It Work for the Coalition
  8. Coalition Participation Structures
  9. Framework for Operating Procedures

3. Responsive Planning

  1. Smart Beginnings Community Assessment Checklist
  2. Prenatal-to-Three Outcomes Framework Data Guidebook
  3. Assessing Infants and Toddlers In Your Area: Use Data to Create a Community Profile
  4. County Health Rankings and Roadmaps: Action Learning Guides

4. Working Together and Taking Collective Action

  1. County Health Rankings and Roadmaps: Work Together
  2. Zero to Three: A Community Framework for Early Childhood Collaboration Developed by the Model Convening Project
  3. National Coalition for Infants and Toddlers: Execute the Work
  4. Strive Together Policy toolkit: A guide to systems transformation through policy change
  5. Root Cause: Continuous Quality Improvement Resource Library
  6. Hand in Hand: Public Policy Advocacy for Early Childhood
  7. CIVICUS Internal Communication Toolkit
  8. Communications and Engagement Workbook: Plan your communications campaign

5. Finance Strategically

  1. Comprehensive Fiscal Strategy Infographic
  2. Fiscal Vision and Principles
  3. Supporting a Comprehensive Approach to a Fiscal Agenda
  4. Fiscal Mapping and Analysis
  5. Fiscal Modeling
  6. Financing Prenatal to Three Services
  7. Blended-Funding Toolkit
  8. Child Care Technical Assistance Network: Staffed Family Child Care Network Cost Estimation Tool

6. Ensuring Accountability

  1. National League of Cities: Early Childhood Alignment Rating Tool
  2. National Coalition for Infants and Toddlers: Be Accountable for the Results
  3. Strive Together: A New Framework to Measure the Impact of Systems