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Every child deserves an equal chance to reach her or his full potential. Our new podcast, Critical Connections, gathers state and community leaders to highlight local collaborations in the development of early childhood systems that can make a difference for all children.

The COVID-19 crisis, the economic downturn it prompted, and the racial inequities it exacerbated brought into sharp focus both the benefits of well-aligned systems, and the urgency of bridging the divide between the needs of marginalized children and families and the dearth of solutions that adequately serve those needs.

Building equitable institutions, processes, and services will be an ongoing effort until all children and families have access to the programs and services that help them thrive. This series focuses on the importance of strong state and community connections for developing early childhood systems that make a difference for all children.

Listen to the podcast with host Karen Ponder, Distinguished Fellow at the BUILD Initiative.

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