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Housing is Our Lane: The Role that Early Childhood Sector Should Play to Improve Access to Quality, Affordable Housing

Archived Meeting Resources
January 10, 2023

This session was presented during BUILD 2022 National Conference.

Having a safe and stable place to call home is at the center of our lives, yet even before the pandemic, our nation was experiencing a housing crisis decades in the making that disproportionately impacted young children and families, particularly children and families of color and those residing in poverty. Nationally, over 1.6 million families with young children experience homelessness every year, and another 6 million children live in households burdened or severely burdened by housing costs. Homelessness and housing insecurity have dire consequences for children and families, causing psychological and physical trauma, increasing the likelihood of suicide and emergency room usage, and leading to poor academic performance and family separations. Rooted in structural racism, housing policies and practices have historically contributed to stark and persistent inequities in where children and families live and in their access to quality jobs, economic opportunities, education, and other critical services. In the face of these inequities, the early childhood field can play a critical role in advancing antiracist policies that ensure that children and families have access to safe, affordable housing that allows them to build economic wealth? This session featured leading experts who discussed the the housing crisis and its impact on children and families, explore new research showing a correlation between illegal evictions and incidences of preterm births among Black women; and highlight examples of community-driven housing innovations that illustrate the role that the early childhood field can play with multiple sectors to secure affordable, sustainable housing for those furthest from success.

Slide Deck – Shawnita Sealy-Jefferson

Slide Deck – Commissioner Crawley

Slide Deck – Sonya Acosta


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