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Resource Collection: Quality Rating and Improvement Systems 3.0 Tools and Resources

Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) are evolving rapidly. As part of BUILD's effort to support QRIS to reform and strengthen early learning systems, we have created a suite of resources, dubbed QRIS 3.0.

QRIS leaders are evaluating their systems to identify opportunities for improvement, trying new strategies, and in some cases, creating new QRIS models. To contribute to the evolution of QRIS, BUILD has conducted research and prepared resources to support the rapid pace of innovation in QRIS. This work by the BUILD Initiative addresses QRIS design and implementation, the continuing challenges of financing, communications for public policy purposes, and the intersection of QRIS and pre-K.

Over a three-year period (2017- 2019) BUILD convened teams from 21 states to participate in The BUILD QRIS 3.0 Think Tanks. In these sessions, teams came together to self-assess their own QRIS, using a tool developed by BUILD, and identified one or two issues of high-priority focus. The think tank offered an opportunity for state leaders to engage with a peer community, take a deeper dive into priority issues they identified, and learn together. These are the resources that emerged from this work.